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Art&Jet is the first and only Art Gallery fully dedicated to Business Jets, proposing the last innovation in interiors enhancement.

No decorative items. No Arts and Crafts.

We create worldwide collaborations between aeronautical designers and artists to give birth to a new type of investment:

Unique pieces of Art commissioned from renowned artists and fully certified for aviation use by our bespoke aviation partners.

Following our core values, each one of our projects is 
unique by nature and designed to create minimum alteration to your aircraft, so you can move it to any other location later.

We can propose artworks from our current network of artists or work with the artist of your choice. Together, we can create a wonderful addition to your aircraft cabin and to your Art collection.

New or pre-loved, large or small: whatever are the size and layout of your cabin, such an artistic installation is
possible on any aircraft type. In most cases, it can be easily installed, not requiring to wait for a major maintenance.

Contact us so that our Team can prepare a brief analysis and propose alternative artistic possibilities and installation options.

Invest.... While others decorate.

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Jacques Owczarek

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The Miel #5

Michel Bassompierre

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