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Matthieu Faëne


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With 25 years of experience in aviation and a passion for Art, Matthieu brings a unique perspective to the field. Driven by a desire to innovate in an industry that is often too standardized, he believed that by pushing the boundaries of what is possible, he could create new opportunities and experiences for his exclusive customers.
Art&Jet came to life during a long-range flight on a Business Jet. The aircraft owner was carrying several art pieces on board for an Art fair. Some boxes opening and one passionate discussion later, they were both standing in a cabin turned into a flying art gallery. Stunned by the beauty of the scene, Matthieu knew what he had to do.
Excited about the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the field through innovation, Matthieu was well-suited to bridge the gap between these two worlds and create something truly unique. At the heart of his approach is the belief that the only thing that matters is the client, always looking for ways to exceed expectations.

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Cédric Schneider
General Director


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Cedric has been in the international business world for more than two decades, consistently perceived as a reliable and trusted partner. His expertise spans across a variety of business, including design, automotive, services, and health, always finding opportunities to connect them to Art, even in the smallest details.
Well-versed in the global economy and always maintaining a global network, Cedric enjoyed raising the interest of many artists towards Art&Jet innovation. 
His extensive knowledge of international business always allowed him to navigate the ever-changing market with ease. That is how he fully understood the potential of Art in aviation at a glence, years ago, and he engaged into the many challenges to make such magic possible today.
Cedric always believed that success comes from the combination of hard work and dedication. He is passionate about delivering the highest quality of service and is committed to ensuring that his clients are satisfied with the outcome... in the smallest details.
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