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Introducing Art&Jet, the world's first and only Art consultancy dedicated to aircraft interiors. Our boutique offers a truly unique service, unmatched on the market : a bridge between Art and Aviation.

Our field is simple and truly distinctive: unique edition sculptures, certified for installation inside an aircraft. Because your plane is more than a transportation tool: it is a place where you spend a significant amount of your precious time. From a pre-owned light aircraft to a brand new intercontinental jet, whatever is your cabin layout, we can ensure that your aircraft interior is one-of-a-kind.
Le Miel 5_edited.jpg
Our main expertise is nothing short of magic. We set up collaborations between two worlds which never met before. Our innovative approach combines the talents of any artist with the latest wonders of aviation technology. Whether you are looking for a sculpture that is modern and abstract, or something more classic, you have full flexibility to choose the Artist you desire, or discover one from our carefully curated network.

Do you want to infuse a bit more soul in the main cabin or add a touch of elegance to the bedroom? Our team will assist you in finding the perfect location for each piece, providing a cohesive and integrated design. Together with the Artist, we will follow up its birth through your preferred aviation company, or one we can propose.
ECKIO 1_edited_edited.jpg
Last but not least, our proposal is a smart investment indeed. We help creating artworks which can be removed, installed in other environments (home, office, yacht...) or sold. Each of them will be a versatile and valuable addition to your collection, that can be enjoyed for years to come.

We understand that a choice might be hard to make among the endless possibilities of Art. That's why Art&Jet also proposes artworks from various artists, not suitable for aviation. Available for purchase in different business aviation terminals around the globe, they aim at inspiring your imagination!
At Art&Jet, we pride ourselves on tailoring a truly luxurious and innovative offer that makes a real difference. We invite you to experience the beauty and elegance of our concept and see for yourself why we are the only choice for aircraft owners who demand the very best.

Contact us anytime to schedule a free consultation.

Beautify, innovate, invest.... While others only decorate.

© 2021 by Art&Jet

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